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  • agravarti


    March 10, 2015, 1:22 pm

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  • Marcillies


    March 10, 2015, 3:22 pm

    I was in Dublin for my Sisters wedding a few years ago. My family and I were staying in the Jurys Inn and I was sharing a double room with my Brother. Anyway, the night before the wedding we all turned in pretty early (I'd like to stress at this point that at the time I had no alcohol or any other drugs/stimulants in me). I remember waking up in the middle of the night, sometime around 3:30 or so (as i'm prone to do from time to time). Looked around the room and closed my eyes again. Then my brain processes what I just saw. There was a man sitting on the chair by the window leaning forward and staring at me. Instantly I was awake. I began to get out of the bed and looked back at the chair. It was a kid, no more than 15/16, wearing one of those silly bellboy uniforms. That pretty much threw me even more off balance. I managed to say "Hey, what are ya doing here?". He looked at the ceiling, looked back at me, then slowly leaned back on the chair and faded away. All in all, I was fully awake looking at this kid for 10/12 seconds. I never told anyone because I don't beleive in ghosts, did freak me out though.


  • funkymonk11


    March 10, 2015, 8:14 am

    Do you tend to get more energetic when you smoke? I always find that (whether smoking indica or sativa) that I am put in a slightly lethargic mode unless I put extra effort into getting my ass up and out the door. Sativa will give you a head high (meaning you will tend to trip out on things around you, and the like) and preserve your energy. Indica is often used for chronic pain because it is more of a body high (meaning you will feel noticeably slower and lethargic), and leaves most 'couch-ridden'. I assume this is the feeling you are looking for.

    I would never smoke indica before a night out because it would destroy my motivation to socialize. But i often smoke my sativa before heading to work. Keeps me irie, while still being attentive and focused.


  • grumpypants_mcnallen


    March 10, 2015, 9:38 am

    People complain about the admin interface, but would rather have no interface and "pure rails" / "do it yourself cms coding" ?

    **1. Standard webhotels don't run rails.**

    **2. 99% of Homegrown means: Documented inside my head and nowhere else.** As soon as the coder has left, the system is pretty much impossible to maintain.

    **3. Rails and homegrown are so specific solutions you will never be able to get support or help from any other company than the one who installed your system.** If your website supplier closes down, your website is in big trouble. With drupal you can actually find somebody to help you out later.


    In the end it's about what works best and not about which gives the developer most control and is most fun to code in.


  • ferchrissakes


    March 10, 2015, 2:05 pm

    Yes, I was one of those affected when he broke the xorg.mutouch.input module. I moved to the proprietary driver, too.

    I'm running the latest unbuntu and have a M170 touchscreen. X doesn't even sense it. I think these guys, instead of supporting touchscreens that nobody has, ought to focus on touchscreens that have been out there for decades. Is it too much to ask, as a user, that a microtouch would work under Linux automatically, as it does with the proprietary 3M driver?

    My problem with guys like hutterer is that they don't actually use touchscreens in their work like some of us do.


  • LiveLucid


    March 10, 2015, 7:47 pm

    "See, there's three kinds of people: dicks, pussies, and assholes. Pussies think everyone can get along, and dicks just want to fuck all the time without thinking it through. But then you got your assholes, Chuck. And all the assholes want us to shit all over everything! So, pussies may get mad at dicks once in a while, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes, Chuck. And if they didn't fuck the assholes, you know what you'd get? You'd get your dick and your pussy all covered in shit!" - *Team America*


  • Netzapper


    March 11, 2015, 12:56 am

    I'm certain I'm in the minority, but I don't play single-player games for the challenge. I gain no satisfaction from overcoming some bit of lame AI or properly divining which item the developer wants me to to rub on which object. Especially given that a single-player game is designed to be winnable. If I can't beat a level in a single-player game, I don't feel inspired to practice and try harder. I feel inspired to play a game that doesn't frustrate me.

    I play single-player games so that I can experience something that's either too dangerous, too difficult, too expensive, too morally repugnant, or too impossible to experience in real life. If that experience also requires some skill or finesse, all the better; but it's not mandatory. I also might play so as to be the protagonist of an interesting story (although truly interesting game stories are few and far between). Or simply to amuse myself for a little while. None of these goals requires that a game be difficult.

    If I want challenge, I play a multiplayer game. At least then the victory is real.


  • tobybuk


    March 10, 2015, 12:41 pm

    Iran is a peaceful county that has suffered terribly from interference from the USA and to a lesser extent others.

    In the Iran Iraq war the USA supplied Saddam with weapons in an attempt to settle scores from the successful revolution (which incidentally was brought about by American interference in its internal affairs IE the American backed Shah). This included chemical weapons that the US administration turned a blind eye to when used. Even today thousands of Iranian people are still alive who are crippled from the effects of the use of these weapons:

    “On 21 March 1986, the United Nations Security Council made a declaration stating that "members are profoundly concerned by the unanimous conclusion of the specialists that chemical weapons on many occasions have been used by Iraqi forces against Iranian troops and the members of the Council strongly condemn this continued use of chemical weapons in clear violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925 which prohibits the use in war of chemical weapons." **The United States was the only member who voted against the issuance of this statement.**”

    The USA then shot down Iran Air Flight 655 with the loss of all 290 passengers and crew on 3 July 1988. They then gave medals to the people who did it.

    This war resulted in anything between 200,000 and 800,000 Iranian people killed.

    No wonder Iran feels threatened by the West.


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